Terms & Conditions

Age Limit & Documents

  • The renter should be at least 18 years old or above for renting a Self Drive car. He/She should also possess a valid driving license.
  • Documents needed to rent a Self Drive car:

    • A valid Driving License
    • Passport/Adhar Card/Voter Id

Right to say No

Trippy has all the right to refuse renting a car to any person whomsoever considered unfit to drive or does not fulfill all or any of the requisite requirements, our T & C.


In case of vehicle breakdown, it is the user`s duty to inform Trippy immediately. Customers are advised not to drive the car if it gets damaged in an accident or develop any faults. If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the location of breakdown, a replacement vehicle will be provided by Trippy, subject to availability.

Theft Protection

The renter should make sure that the vehicle is properly locked when unattended and must not be parked in no-parking zone or any public area for long periods. The renter is completely responsible for the security of vehicle and in the event of theft is liable to pay the calculative amount.

Use of Vehicle

  • The renters cannot use Trippy's vehicle as a taxi or for transporting people in exchange of money; it is solely for the purpose of personal use.
  • The user cannot be under the influence of Alcohol and/or any other narcotic substance which can impair the user’s ability to drive.
  • The user must ensure that the number of passengers in the vehicle does not exceed the number of seat belts provided in the vehicle.
  • The vehicle cannot be used for any activity which is deemed illegal by the Indian penal code. Customers are not allowed to carry arms, ammunitions and banned drugs.
  • Smoking and drinking not allowed: The user cannot be under the influence of Alcohol, smoking and/or any other narcotic substance which can impair the user’s ability to drive. In such case a fine of Rs. 500 shall be levied. Member is subject to additional fine if evidence of smoking, chewing drinking or doping is found under the Trippy car.
  • Speed limit should not exceed 110 kmph (Fine 500/- rupees each time) After 3 times the vehicle will be stopped.
  • Driving Limitations: 250 kmph per day (24 hour) Extra kilometer shall be charged Rupees 02/Kilometer.
  • Late Return Fine shall be Rs. 500/- overall + Rs. 120/- per hour.
  • Rupees 500/- fine for excessive idling for more than three times.

Late Pick-ups / Early Drop-offs

The rental starts and finishes according to the pickup and drop-off dates and times documented. Trippy is not liable to provide any refunds for an unused time if a car is picked up late or dropped off early.

Traffic violation

The renter is solely liable to pay for any traffic violation tickets received during their journey. The renter will pay the charge if the traffic department will sent the violation tickets directly to the company.


Rs 1000 will be deducted from the security or advance payment, if the cancellation information is given to the company after the reporting time of the cab. The cancellation can be done over the phone before a day of scheduled reporting time.

Extension Charges

Extension charges 300 if informed earlier If not informed 500 each day.

Security Deposit

The renter has to pay a total amount of Rs 5000 for taking any economy budget car as a security deposit and Rs 15,000 for luxury car. At the time of delivery of the Vehicle to the User, Trippy shall have the right to block an advance deposit in case of any unpaid dues as per these Terms and Conditions and/or damage to the Vehicle.

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